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Our main product is the comprehensive care of companies IT security and proper functionality of devices and solutions.

The most basic things of such care are continuous control and system monitoring. We offer advanced solutions of high quality which are easy to use.

Because our products are strongly matched to our clients needs, therefore we invite you to contact us - our employees will do their best to satisfy your needs. We will be pleased to talk about possible solutions to determine the specific terms of cooperation in such a way, that your company will grow and expand smoothly. To offer best conditions we will talk about details of cooperation and then formalize them to offer services at highest possible level.

We have experience in monitoring both small and medium-sized companies and we are receiving positive feedback from all of our clients. Cooperation with many different enviroments has tought us how to work fast and efficient so we can easily adapt to your needs.

System monitoring

Monitowl - who checks your servers at night?

Monitowl is a tool for monitoring systems and devices. It allows tracking flow of information and advanced data mining.

The biggest advantage of Monitowl is the fact, that it gives you data immediately (up to five seconds). Combined with built-in notification system we give you a graceful tool which provides informations about unexpected deviations right after they occur. Important server stopped working? Service used by you or your clients has problems? You will be the first one to know!

  • Traveling in time has never been so easy. It requires just few clicks to look inside events history or to change scale of seen data.
  • Monitowl was designed in such a way, that it can work with many devices. It does not matter if it is just one computer or thousands of servers - Monitowl is not afraid of huge server rooms or other complex networks/systems.
  • Archiving of big data is not longer a problem - Monitowl can handle any type of information.
  • Tracking history of events is easy. When was the last time device stopped working? What was the reason? What services failed? Monitowl will generate needed reports and will help you plan the future to avoid problems from happening again.
  • Monitowl is flexible - it will fit to you. Monitowl works with any type of device: computers, sensors, networks and applications.
  • Setting up monitoring with Monitowl is fast and easy. It can also add devices into environment automatically so time is saved.

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Websites monitoring is an extensive tool to analyze websites.

The main task of this application is to test complete range of possible problems and irregularities on the websites. 

  • Checking compatibility with almost every popular browser. There are many problems that can affect the speed of your website - and they are exposed by
  • Positioning of your website depends mostly on quality of the content on your site. analyzes originality of the texts (searching for plagiarism), as well as linguistic correctness (checking spelling and sentence construction). This allows us to suggest what should be changed on the site for higher position in search engines(eg. Google).
  • tracks problems with security and presents them in a clear, easy-understandable way. Application perfoms basic safety audit using automated tools and informs about weaknesses and of any virus or other malicious software.
  • Quality optimalization of website is the highest priority. Dedicated algorithms evaluate the performance of your website and propose possible solutions.
  • You can use anywhere in the world. Application works in a cloud, so there is no need to install it anywhere.
  • also checks other aspects of electronic communication - for example e-mail.

... and much more - we invite you to check your website with

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